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Recommended restaurants

  • L'Entracte: Tradition and precision, cooking as well as serving are the main features of this great place in La Rochelle - Ph: -
  • & La Suite: A modern and fine decoration just nearby the historicals Towers: this is the new playground of Chef Johan Leclerre "meilleur ouvrier de France" - Ph: -
  • Au Goût du Jour : Seasonal, local produce and simple but tasty cuisine. 10 ter rue Saint Nicolas – Ph:
  • Le Valin : Traditional brasserie and pizzeria, also serving home cooking. 41 Quai Valin – Ph: –
  • La Marée : Authentic seaside bistro specialising in fish and seafood. Fresh food and friendly service guaranteed. 1 av. de Colmar – Ph: –
  • La Boussole : a trace of the Silk Road spice merchants in La Rochelle. Fusion cuisine combining the traditional and the exotic. 41 rue St Jean du Perot – Ph:
  • Au 28: Fine cooking& excellent location right on the harbour. 10 bis Quai Dupérré - Ph: -

Aquarium (tickets available at reception)

  • Discover the richness of the marine world at one of Europe's largest aquariums . Avoid the queues by buying your tickets from the hotel reception desk.

Cognac storehouse visits

  • Discover cognac with a visit to this estate and its storehouse, radiating a passion and love of the region. Learn just how this precious liquor is made. 2 chemin des Terrières, senouche, 17610 Chaniers – Ph: -

Tourist information

  • La Rochelle Tourist Office: 2 Quai Georges Simenon, 17000 La Rochelle - 0033.(0) -
  • The Old Harbour : the Old Harbour in La Rochelle has been the town's historic harbour since the 13th century. The two medieval towers that guard its entrance have made it famous the world over. On either side of the entrance stand Tour Saint-Nicolas, which is the higher of the two towers, and Tour de la Chaîne, which is linked by a high wall to Tour de la Lanterne, itself a little further on and serving as both a lighthouse and a defence against danger
  • Tour de la Chaîne : along with Tour Saint-Nicolas and Tour de la Lanterne, Tour de la Chaîne is one of three towers on the La Rochelle sea front, and one of the two towers emblematic of the Old Harbour, whose entrance it majestically guards. Listed as an Historic Monument in 1879, it was partially restored in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century
  • Tour Saint-Nicolas : Tour Saint-Nicolas is the other tower that is emblematic of the Old Harbour. It has a slightly pentagonal base and is thirty-six metres tall. Its interior is composed of three large, superimposed octagonal rooms, two of which are arched. Its floor is tilted at a 2% angle, a sign of the sinking effect noticed during the tower's construction.
  • Tour de la Lanterne : Tour de la Lanterne is the highest of the three towers guarding the sea front at La Rochelle. It is 55 metres tall and made up of two parts. Its base is a 25-metre tall cylinder with a diameter of more than 15 metres. It is topped by an octagonal spire, which boasts flamboyant style trilobated windows on four of its eight sides. Each rib is decorated with crockets. This structure in the medieval enclosure may have been built on the location of an older tower. Its construction was begun in 1445 by Claude Masse, and took 23 years to complete (1468)
  • La Grosse Horloge : (the Great Clock): what was once a gate of the walled city is now an archway cut into the original wall. The gate was built at the beginning of the 12th century, when it was called Porte du Parrot or Perrot as it gave access to the district of the same name. The gate had two openings. The larger of the two was for wagons and the smaller for pedestrians. Today, it is still one of the main thoroughfares between the quays and the old town. The Great Clock's bell sounds every day at midday.
  • La Gare : The train station: considered one of the most beautiful railway buildings in France, it was constructed between 1910 and 1922. It was the last great, monumental train station that French national railways ever built. At the time, the size of the project surprised many, given that the town only had some 30,000 inhabitants. The outside of the building is decorated with shells, fish and crabs.
  • Quartier Historique : La Rochelle's rich architectural heritage is evident in the high concentration of 15th and 18th century houses found along all of the streets in the town centre. You will see half-timber and slate houses from the Middle Ages, and beautifully carved stone façades from the 16th and 17th centuries.
Vieux Port Centre 23 Quai Valin
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